Adore Home living Leather Protector

Adore use and recommend the Guardsman® Leather Protector warranty and products instore.

The Guardsman® Leather Care Collection, including a 5 year Product Warranty, provides you with one of the most durable and long lasting investments money can buy. Fine leather is soft, luxurious and meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. With proper care, it will improve with age and last for many, many years to come.

However, even the best leather is subject to staining and or damage. That is why the Guardsman® Leather Care Collection, including Guardsman's 5 Year Product Warranty, offers a total care and maintenance system for your leather furniture.

The Guardsman® Leather Care Collection includes:

  • 250ml Leather Protector;
  • 250ml Leather Cleaner;
  • Ink Remover Wipes;
  • Application Cloth, Dusting Cloth and Cleaning Sponge;
  • Furniture Care Guide;
  • 5 Year Product Warranty terms and conditions booklet.
The leather care products are not to be used on nubuck or suede leather.
Starting from $199, pop into your nearest Adore Store or give us a call to discuss your leather protection and warranty options! 

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