Like our own skin, each leather is unique, but we gently correct each hide in order to show it’s true, natural characteristics while creating a rich, luxurious texture.

Our 100% genuine cow hide is sourced internationally and finished in Italy and can been complemented with Natural split or PVC to offer an unbeatable value.

Leather requires extra care but this ensures a long, durable life and lasting value.

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Every piece of leather Adore uses is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality, the utmost durability and the greatest ease of care.

• Our leather passes 12 manual testing procedures.

• Uses zero formaldehyde testing for a healthy,  eco-friendly covering.

• Optimized for water, stain and dust resistance for easy care.

• Tested for color fastness using a to-and-fro dry rubbing 500 times and a wet rubbing 20 times.

• Tested for yellowing resistance for 48 hrs of tanning at 50 degrees C.

• Put through rigorous tear load testing.