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Bad back


There is one thing that is quite common in the world and many of us have experienced it at least once in our life, no I am not talking about pizza, but rather about back pain!

According to ROY MORGAN's research, in the last year alone, in Australia, there were 7.4 million people from 18 years who had back pain at least once, that is more than 2 people out of 5.

Given the fact that many have never been treated by a doctor, the actual rates are a lot higher.



We started using Television over 50 years ago. In Australia, on average, every home, have 6 screens, including smartphones and TVs.  

With the advent of the internet and social networks, some may think that TV no longer plays a fundamental role in our lives, but no, we watch TV more than ever, more and more.

With the various pay-TVs, so fashionable now, it is estimated that almost 20 million Australians, about 83%, have watched or continue to watch free or paid content both on the internet and on cable on home television.

People on average watch TV more than 1000 minutes a week, which is about 16 hours a week.

It doesn't change if the families are looking at a movie, kids with a documentary on Netflix or the dreamer girl who doesn't miss the last episode of "married at first sight".

We know with certainty that you like to watch TV, we also believe that for most of the time you do it sitting, so if you want to continue watching TV and not increase the risk of having back pain we have a solution for you.

This is why a recliner chair is the right choice


When we lie down on a reclining chair the angle of our back is considerably extended, the best angle goes from 95 to 115 degrees, and this guarantees the greater distribution of weight without consuming the discs of the spine, it is the position that comes close to more to stand up where there is a lower percentage of pressure on the back compared to sitting.

The muscles of the spine are less stressed in fact it is shown that the back when leaning on the back uses less drastically the muscles of the spine, so not using them means a consistent reduction of effort and stress for us and therefore rest. Starting from 90 degrees there is a real decrease in the activity of the back muscles.

Adore Home Living recliners can adjust the angle to allow you to reach the most appropriate position for the health of your back.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Adore Home Living and experience first class recliners today.  Your back will Thank you for it.

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