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How To Pick The Right Lounge For You

How To Pick The Right Lounge For You

Lounges are one of the most critical pieces for of furniture for any house – on average Australians will spend 1200 hours on their lounges a year; that is a lot of quality time with your big purchase. With the standard 3-seater fabric sofa going out of vogue for the more stylish and perhaps more complicated ottomans, armchairs, recliners, modular lounges and so on, how do you know which product is right for you? Here are some important factors to consider;


Comfort is king

Let’s cut right to the chase – if you are not comfortable on your lounge there isn’t a whole lot of point in owning it. Australians love their lounges and spend a lot of time on them as we have discovered, buying a lounge that isn’t comfortable for you can result in a whole host of problems including muscle and joint problems. Trust us when we say comfort is very important.

But what is comfort? What makes a lounge comfortable? Here at Adore, our lounges are a bit different from most to ensure maximum comfortability for customers – our lounge manufacturers understand what makes a lounge comfortable for customers and design their products with state of the art features; from industry-leading foam filling that has different densities in areas you need it most, to upholstery that is put through the paces during the manufacturing process to ensure it can withstand and support your unique lounging position.

All this means, of course, you are required to sit down and test every lounge you come across in our store. If you weren’t already.


Happy Smiling Couple On A Sofa Lounge

Australia's favourite couch-based past time is spending time with loved ones


What’s on the inside also matters

Lounges are more than what you see on the surface, sure there’s filling in the cushions you must worry about – but have you ever stopped to consider frames? Mechanisms? These are vital for your purchasing decision as well.

First, let’s talk frames; The things that give your lounge its shape. It is not uncommon for most lounges to sport frames made of plywood – this is fine in theory but if you want your lounge to maintain its shape over the years and hold up well, you need a stronger material. Our lounges, for instance, all come with responsibly sourced hardwood timber frames, this allows for better support and helps the lounge maintain its shape and composure over its 10-year warranty.

Aside from the frames and fillings, more mechanical lounges come with a whole host of other features. Take the humble recliner, for example, peel back the layers and underneath is a feat of engineering. Angle-iron, silicon chip joints and zero wall support might not mean a whole lot the average customer, but they are vital for the quality of your purchase.

Put our staff through their paces on these features to ensure you are getting the best lounge money can buy.


Location, location, location

Most lounges are featured in the living room, but recent trends have seen them become support acts for a multitude of other rooms that alter the requirements of your purchase. Small lounges such as armchairs and the customisable modular lounge have risen to the top of customer’s minds as a result.

We don’t all own big mansions and furniture has to fulfill the utilitarian as well as the hedonistic. Our Fiorello Lounge is designed with this principle in mind – it fully supports customers chopping and changing its layout to help them get a product that is both stylish, comfortable, and importantly actually fits in their living space. It might not seem like much at first, that a lounge that is too bulky or small for the space it is in can develop to be a bit of an eyesore over time. Get it right once and it’s right forever.

Fiorello Full Leather Lounge Adore Home Living Perth WA

The Fiorello Leather Modular Lounge is stylish, comfortable and can fit almost anywhere


Environmental hazards

We’re not talking rain, hail or tornadoes – unless your lounge is outside – but rather your children, or the smaller furrier kind, who are the ones most likely to give your lounge its greatest test. Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

As mentioned before, the upholstery on our lounges is put to the test during manufacturing and the frames are sturdy and keep their shape remarkably well. They can take most of whatever is thrown at them – if not there is also that warranty.

Pets present a different problem, they have claws, loose fur, and perhaps are not as well trained as your children. The couch will most likely survive your 4 -legged friends, but there might be a bit of dirt or other miscellaneous substances that need to be removed from your lounge after a visit from man’s best friend.

That’s where our range of leather cleaning supplies comes in handy – it’s not strictly a lounge, but it should factor heavily into your eventual purchase decision. Trust us.


Putting it all together

These are factors we consider to be very important when selecting products that we believe are of exceptional quality for our customers. Sometimes people’s needs are different, and you might have what seems like a bit of an oddball question or request you want to put to us before you do make that decision to purchase. Well, in that case, you are in luck. Our staff are all fully qualified and eager to give you the personal treatment you need while making this decision.

If you can’t make it into one of our 5 Perth-Area locations (Carousel, DFO, Jandakot, Belmont and Joondalup) you can give us a ring on 08 9414 8886 and we would be more than happy to give you that extra assistance.

That’s all from us for now.

We hope to see you (and your amazing new lounge) soon,
ADORE Home Living Team.

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