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Home Decoration Ideas



So you’re here because you want some ideas to decorate your house with style but without spending hundreds of dollars? Or maybe you were looking for a good idea for a perfect gift to your mom, for the imminent mother's day? You are in the right place, we at Adore Home Living want to give some advice in one specific area: artificial flowers.

Everybody likes flowers, for us, they mean beauty, colorful and especially style.

Confucius said one time “Do you ask me why I buy rice and flowers? I buy rice to live and flowers to have a reason to live".

Flowers are a constant presence in our life, we remember when they gave them to us, as a gift, when we took pictures of them and then when we were little because we all smelled them, maybe even now.

But now we come to the heart of the matter: how to decorate our house with flowers so here 5 ideas and 5 reasons you should buy artificial flowers.

5 ideas on decorating your house with flowers

  • Create a composition

    Use your furniture to create a composition with flowers your idea is going to be unique and original.

  • Put them near windows
    It’s always beautiful to look through the window and plants with a touch of the sun remind us how is. 

  • Table Centerpiece
    In the middle of the table, flowers are perfect to gives us harmony and style to our living and dining room.

  • Put them on the Shelf
    Flowers are beautiful because they catch your attention, it’s like to look at a painting.

  • Choose a Unique and Original Vase
    Everybody has something that doesn't use anymore like an old teapot; give them a new life, but with style.

5 reason you should buy artificial flowers

  • No Maintenance
    You don't have to care about the water, pruning or stuff like that cause they don't need your attention. Great for someone who is unable to care for live plants or flowers.
  • Flexibility
    You can put your flowers wherever you want, under the sunlight or in a dark room they will remain strong and shining.
  • Durability
    They do not die so they will remain to furnish your home forever. Always in season, always beautiful and saves you plenty of money.
  • Resistant
    If you have kids or pets you know what I mean, with them you will truly find a difficult object to break!
  • Safe
    They are perfect for any animal owners, some plants are harmful to pets, but now you don’t need to worry. Also perfect for people with hay fever。

Surprise your Mum this Mother's Day with some beautiful flowers from ADORE HOME LIVING that lasts forever. 

Happy Mother's Day.

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