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Home Decoration Ideas

Creating Space In Your Home

Creating Space In Your Home

Creating the illusion of more space in any room in your house comes down to clever use of décor, smart use of colour and a little knowledge about surfaces. Even if you don’t really want a bigger looking space, these tips can be used to create a brighter more refreshing space inside your home.

1. Mirror Mirror On The Wall
A feature mirror can really open up a room. But be careful when it comes to placement, the mirror should face clean, light coloured surface. If you don’t consider your mirror placement you might end up with double the clutter! Larger mirrors are perfect for really creating that illusion of more space. If you strategically place them, they can be used to complement the décor in your home.

2. Smooth Sailing
The type of surfaces you choose to cover your tabletops, benches and lounges will make an impact on how big your home appears to be.
Smooth, fresh surfaces of polished stone and marble make a room feel more significant than older, traditional styled wood furnishings. Marble and stone tend to be grey or white in colour which also helps because lighter tones will automatically make space feel bigger. If you think all white is not really our style, you can break it up with a colourful statement piece, such as a chair or décor piece.

3. The case of the clutter
Do we really need that much stuff?
Investing in multifunction furniture is an excellent idea to reduce the amount of visible clutter. A sofa with built-in storage space is a quick and easy way to maintain a neat and polished look in the lounge room. If you have kids, an ottoman with a hidden storage section will help hide all the toys after playtime. Beds with inbuilt draws help with storage too!

4. Lighten Up!
Natural light is perfect for opening up any room, but what about at night time? If you have higher ceilings, hanging lights can be a great feature.  Hanging lights are useful because they don't take up any floor space and add ambience to the room. Well placed spotlights are a good idea too. You can use spotlights to illuminate paintings and sculptures.
Most of these tips can be achieved without blowing the budget, so its time to declutter and get creative.

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