Lachlan Johnston - Nov 11 2020

The ADORE Home Living 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Aweek from now is Halloween, and 3 months from now is the end of the year. Nestled somewhere in between those 2 events is the circuit breaker we have all been yearning for throughout this tumultuous year - Christmas.

Now, is it too early to discuss Christmas? Perhaps. But, is it too early to discuss Christmas presents? No, not it is not.

Those of you who love the holiday more than the rest have probably already started whittling down your lists - or, laziness forbid, buying them. If you’re like me then you’re probably telling yourself you have plenty of time right up until Christmas eve - don’t be like me.

For those of you who have already bought presents: great, you can keep reading because you like reading - it keeps the brain active. For those of you who have not: I am going to put on my biggest, most festive marketing hat and show you what we here at ADORE can do to alleviate your holiday anxiety.

You may know us as the guys who sell lounges, or perhaps the people who sell bedding - but in reality, there is a lot more than that sitting in our stores waiting for you to discover them.

Let’s. Talk. Shopping. 


Nestled between our lounges (have I mentioned how luxurious and cost-effective those are yet, by the way?), is our impressive range of decor items and ornaments. Nothing makes a better Christmas gift then something that is designed to be displayed - so you know whether or not your giftee still has it after Christmas.

Let’s be honest; we’ve all been stuck inside for some time this year, and our decor just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to spruce things up, keep things fresh, and distract yourself from anything that may be happening outside. Sometimes indulging in materialism is okay.

Listing them all is a bit of a daunting task - there is really something for everyone. So what we’ll do instead is give you a handy link to go check them out yourselves.

Just click here


We’ve developed a bit of a thing for mirrors this year; we have a lot of them. So much, in fact, you can get yourself a handy discount if you buy soon. With a lot of new collections in and more on the way, frankly, we need to make rome room.

Mirrors are a good decoration piece, just be careful getting it to your giftee (Maybe let our delivery drivers do that for you).

Make your mark on your own, or someone else’s house at a very cost-effective price. Check out our mirrors here


Giving someone a new lounge for Christmas might seem a bit strange - but you deserve to give yourself a present as well. Our lounges are perhaps the best gift you can give - comfortable, adjustable, durable and … uh … affordable and sit … able. Get yourself something practical and genuinely useful.

Our range of first-class lounges features everything from recliners, to corner lounges, to 3-seaters, 2-seaters and modulars; with an equally extensive range of upholstery options, just like the decor, there is something to suit everyone here.

You know the drill by now; check them out here

This has been a pretty ordinary, or downright miserable, year for a lot of us. With us being cut off from family and friends for long periods of the year, this is a Christmas that means just a bit more - don’t reflect this in the price, but in the quality and sentimental value of your gift; we’ve been waiting so long to show people we care, so take a couple of seconds more to get this one right.

So here is just a taste of what we offer - in reality, we both know that our stores (physical and online!) are crawling with good quality choices for Christmas (or any occasion!), so give us a visit, or chuck us a line, and our amazing and friendly workers will be more than happy to assist you to pick out the right gift for this Christmas season. 

Wishing you and your family the best this Christmas,